Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This blog is not active

I just decided to visit this older blog and see I have a couple followers. I guess it didn't occur to me to do something about this one when I switched to a new one. Back in March I made another blog that I use for my news and posts about current crafts, whats for sale etc....  Anyway, if you gals do read this, go in and follow on my active blog . Please let me know what your blogs are and I will go in and follow you!! I am going to have a drawing sometime in the near future for all who go in and follow the bear creek whims blog and all current followers. The prize will be my artwork.

I was going to use this blog more for family stuff, but as you can see that didn't happen! LOL


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Website in the works!

Just wanted to post my new web address, it will be under construction for a long while but I have a start anyway! The address is: , check out the cute webset. I am also working on another prim annie, she is coming along, will post here when she is done. I am also working on getting out the clay and a gourd and see what emerges. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Bunny And Baby

 This is a hand-made bunny by me, the design is a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern. The face, shoes, socks and baby are hand-painted! I hand-paint almost all my things when possible. She has been coffee stained to age her.

Sculpted Santa on banana gourd

Air dry clay over a gourd hand sculpted. Considering all the wonderful gourds I have made and sold over the years, I regret to say I cannot find my photo files for them. This is the only Santa I ended up with, so at least I have a picture of him. These are one of a kind pieces

Sculpted Snowman

He is sculpted with air dry clay and head put on a cinnamon covered candlestick

Bunny For Mom

Hand painted face and shoes. The pattern used is from a campany no longer making patterns.

Sweet Raggedy

This Annie has a hand painted face and shoes, has been coffee dyed, and has a bible verse tucked in her pocket. Her heart button was hand made with cinnamon. This is a country friends pattern.


These snowmen are Country Friends designs

Monday, February 28, 2011

Another barn picture

Hi Mom, here is the barn I submitted to the calendar contest, we'll see though, they may want more events in colville instead of landscape. This barn has been around since approx. 1910

For you Mom...

Here is Tyler's picture, I just love it, although the focus could have been better, it is one of my favorties.

Is this normal?

I am in the process of making the cutest bunny, has an adorable face, hand-painted too. I caught myself several times apologizing to the doll after either poking her with the needle, dropping her on her head or twisting her in un-natural positions. I had to laugh, it just came out as natural as breathing, "oh, I'm sorry" , "sheesh, sorry about that", "oh dear, so so sorry". I finally stopped and asked myself, am I nuts??? I have finally lost it when I sincerely was apologizing to a DOLL! LOL Anyhow, I guess I just admitted my insanity. I will post pictures of her when she is done.

So tired tonight, felt like a long day so it will be to bed early for me...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Such a lazy day...

A very cold day indeed.... just when we thought spring was coming, here comes the cold and yet more snow. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, it is gorgeous, I just am ready for warmth and COLOR!! Did some sewing today, a little cooking and not much else. I am looking forward to dinner and cards tonight at the Tidwells, life is good!!!